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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews

      Thera Wise vaporizing decongestant rub has been a welcome addition to my medicine cabinet! I can’t say enough good things about this rub. It actually works, and works really well!
      My husband goes to get this stuff the minute any of us start exhibiting cold symptoms. Both of my kids are just like me when they get sick: everything settles right in their chest, and they end up with an awful sounding cough. The first time we used it on William, we were going on our second sleepless night. I grabbed this rub, applied a dime size amount to his chest, and he slept 100 times better. I had to try this for myself and knew it would be only a matter of time until I came down with my annual bout of bronchitis. I, too, had dramatic results with the rub. I slept well, and my congestion and cough were bare minimum. I could breathe through my nose, and didn’t have to prop my pillow up to avoid a coughing fit.

      Thera Wise has something that other vapor rubs don’t, and that is a pretty decent smell. It smells just like a candy cane! I even sent William to school with it on his chest, and he didn’t smell like my medicine cabinet. It does smell strong, but it’s a good strong and the scent leads you to believe it’s working, because it is. Its consistency is just like a Vaseline base, so a little smoothes a lot. Once applied, it sort of tingles, so give it a minute before you freak out thinking you’re having a reaction to it.


      I love this product. I use it everyday. Helps me breathe. I have COPD and don't like using the prescription inhalers because of the bad side effects.


      I always use VpR whenever my 3 years old son starts stuffy nose. Nice blend of essential oils calms him down and he sleeps like a real baby!


      I loved the fact your decongestant rub didn’t make a mess on my bed sheets and blankets in the morning, I used to wash sheets almost everyday… As soon as it applied, it absorbed smoothly and didn’t have sticky feel to it. I could have good night sleep. Thank you!


      This product is great, helps me breathe, non greasy..much better than Vicks.