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      Here is some feedback from our valued Thera Wise customers. If you have any comments about our products, or would like to share your experience, we would love to hear from you!
      (Your privacy will always be respected).
      Email: info@therawise.com

      HmR Natural Bio-Active Hemorrhoidal Ointment

      Really impressed with the hemorrhoidal ointment as being the most unique product you have and a gap in the market as well–nothing much out there for this condition, although quite common, as you know. Actually heals, doesn’t merely sooth, as Preparation H-type products do.
      — Gabriella, Edmonton

      Worked great, did not leave that greasy sticky feeling like preparation H that adds insult to injury. I will keep you posted about my condition
      — Trish, Kamloops BC

      Just wanted to say thanks for such a great product. After trying many different methods, from natural to prescription strength, your HmR Hemorrhoidal ointment worked the best. Your ointment provided quick relief from the discomfort and stopped further inflammation. I would definitely recommend this product to others. Thanks again.
      — Matt, Hawaii USA

      I must say this is the very best cream you can get. I had a doctor’s prescription for years and it doesn’t come close to your product.
      — Anne, Parksville BC

      I have suffered from hemorrhoid tags that have been with me for 25 years–always flaring up [swelling] causing great discomfort–I bought a tube of HmR hemorrhoidial cream in Vancouver when we were visiting in June 2012 – & have not had a problem since–highly recommend this product to anybody with a hemorrhoid problem.
      — Doug, Ontario

      Your HmR cream worked great. I have bought 3 boxes for relatives back home that I know also suffer. I will help get the word out about your product!
      — June, Alberta

      I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful product. I’ve never used your HmR ointment for haemorrhoids, but I have for fissures. They just never heal on their own. I tried everything I could find to help when I saw your product and thought I’d try it. It instantly relieved the discomfort and within days the fissure was healed over and it continues to strengthen the area. I’ve relied on this product on 2 occasions now and it’s so fantastic I don’t know why you don’t list fissures as a condition the cream treats.
      — K. Sundar, ON


      I am sending these pictures because I was surprised how quickly my 18 month old daughter’s condition improved. I applied your SHO Skin Healing Ointment before she went to bed and in just in 12hrs, it was remarkably better, after 2weeks, the redness is completely gone! I have tried our family doctor’s suggested prescription in the past but have not used anything like this.
      — sent by Jade’s mother

      Thera Wise’s healing ointment was instantly soothing to my eczema. The swelling and redness noticeably improved instantly. I loved the ointment so much I gave it to a friend that has skin problems too. I would highly recommend Thera Wise’s healing ointment.
      — Stephanie by email

      Before I used SHO cream, I was using Polysporin. I never really knew there was a natural alternative or that overusing antibiotic creams was not ideal for my body or the environment. I never really liked Polysporin’s oily texture but I didn’t know about the alternatives. Now that I have SHO cream, I can use it often for a variety of things and I don’t have to worry about harm to my body or the environment if I use it often. I use SHO cream on my face very often and body less often to heal pimples and scratches or cuts and scabs, etc. I like that it can be used on my face without having to worry or without it contributing to oily skin or further pimples or irritation. It rubs in well and can be used day or night. I have one tube at home and one in my gym bag and purse because it comes in very handy and it is good to have when you least expect it. It is great to have a natural product that you can be confident that all the ingredients are good for your body and the environment and created by a company that you can feel good about supporting. That is my number one criteria in toiletries. The best thing is that it really works too. It is better than Polysporin in that it actually heals the area much faster. Definitely worth switching over SHO.
      — Natasha, Vancouver 

      I am so grateful for this amazing SHO Skin Healing Ointment! I had a very persistent skin sore (contracted at a beauty salon). It had lasted more than eight weeks(!!!) and I was getting scared of a permanent scar on my face. I tried three OTC crèmes (Polysporin, cortisone, and Abreva) and two prescription crèmes (Metronidizal and Fucidin) to no avail.

      While waiting for my next prescription (Bactroban) to be ready, I saw your SHO Skin Healing Ointment and thought I would give it a try. I tried it immediately after purchasing and I am so RELIEVED. The healing is almost complete in three days. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
      I was starting to think about wearing a veil in public! Anyway, I will never be without SHO ointment.
      It even took away the skin discolouration.
      — Kristine, London ON

      I always have issues with my sensitive skin after shaving, especially my neck area. After using SHO on those areas, the redness, burning, and breakouts are reduced and heal much faster! I apply it when I wake up and before I go to bed. I don’t have to avoid shaves as much now, and my girlfriend really appreciates that.
      — Ken, Vancouver 

      I just wanted to let you know how amazing your skin healing product worked for me. A few days ago, while doing my hair I accidentally burned my hand on the curling iron and rubbed some of the cream on the spot and it INSTANTLY VANISHED!! No exaggeration, it absolutely disappeared, amazing!! You know, I work on the burn unit at a hospital and I may talk to one of the Docs about your cream. I’m impressed!!
      — C.P., Alberta

      I tripped on some pavement and made quite bad rash on my face. With my age (60+), I knew it would take forever to heal it. The cream worked very effectively and within 3days the rash was almost gone. I was very pleased especially because I still work as a University professor often giving lectures in front of many students.
      — Tamako, Vancouver (Translated by Yasuko)

      We used the Skin Healing Cream on my daughters eczema and it cleared it up quickly. We usually have to resort to cortisone to clear up her bad flare ups, so we are very happy this worked!
      — Monica, Guelph ON

      My 4years old daughter has had bad eczema on her hands for last couple of years. At first, she didn’t like the smell, but I told her this will help her itchy eczema and within a day, we saw improvement and within one week, she was free from eczema. Your product is not only natural and plant based, it actually works!
      — Eddy, Richmond

      I had a very bad fall hiking up Grouse Mountain in Vancouver. The wound was itchy, stinging, and bleeding so I applied your SHO Skin Healing Ointment to it and just after 5 days it pretty much cleared up! The ointment didn’t sting or in any way cause me extra pain, I highly recommend this product to others.
      — Dina – Vancouver BC

      As a professional vegan bodybuilder, I am, without a doubt, a meathead (meatless meathead.) But surprisingly enough, when I’m not crushing weights at the gym or flexing in front of every mirror I pass, I’m actually quite the “girly girl.” I am ALL about proper skincare and keeping my plant-built bod looking its’ best through good nutrition and solid skincare practices. Yes, lifting heavy weights six days a week has given me “man hands.” And as proud as I am of my hard-earned callouses, I would still prefer to keep my hands soft and feminine. For this, I started using Therawise’s Skin Healing Ointment, and I’m happy to report that I’ve noticed a considerable improvement ever since. My hands aren’t nearly as dry anymore and I seem to be picking at my callouses less and less because they’re not as rough or noticeable. Definitely a fan of this product and I plan to use it even more once the cold & dry Canadian winter weather hits!
      — Samantha Shorkey

      Hi there,
      I’m in my 50s and have suffered the past couple of years with a strange skin condition on my face that causes me to shed the skin off a section of my face. Sometimes it is my nose, sometimes it is my entire chin or the area on each side of my nose. It is sore and embarrassing to have all this flaking skin falling off. I’ve tried so many creams and lotions that didn’t work or even ended up making it worse.

      I went to the dermatologist about 6 months ago and she gave me a prescription cream that stings like crazy but in the beginning I did persist and saw some improvement but then it seemed to stop working and also I get breakouts on the sides of my nose of blisters which seem similar to cold sores and are incredibly painful.

      Today on the way home my face was so sore, I stopped at the pharmacy and looked through all the creams for eczema to find those that did not have parabens, petroleum or cetyl alcohol as I have found these ingredients make it worse. I found your SHO cream and thought I’d give it a try. It is giving me immediate relief from the pain – I can’t believe how much better it feels already after only an hour. It also moisturized my skin which is a bonus because I haven’t been able to find any products I can use to moisturize without causing irritation. So I’m sold on the cream.

      Thank you! Regards,
      — Cheryl, Ontario

      Your skin healing ointment is the best I have ever found, when I ran out I tried another company’s product and it was just not the same. SHO is the only product I will ever use. Thank you.
      — Sylvie, Quebec

      When I was baking the other day, I accidentally burned the inside of my arm. I tried to cool it off right away and then I remembered I could try the Skin Healing Ointment. I couldn’t believe it, immediately the pain subsided and the next day the redness wasn’t there! It healed so quickly, I have never experienced this with any other similar type of products or aloe leaf application. Thank you.
      — Lynne, Victoria

      I initially tried SHO and it’s by far the best natural skin product that I’ve ever used. I used it for sun burns, pimples, scrapes and cuts. The healing time is so much faster than that of any product I’ve used and is now a staple in my household. I never travel without it. Not only does SHO get the job done but I feel good knowing that when it washes off my skin it’s not damaging to the environment, unlike my previous go-to cream. Thanks for an amazing, natural product!
      — Pascale, Vancouver

      I have to tell you, that cream you gave me a sample of… I LOVE it. It is like miracle cream or something… I had this wart on my hand that I couldn’t get rid of. I had it frozen off by the doctor 4x and it kept coming back. One week with your cream, blamo! It is almost gone!
      — Dawn, Vancouver

      Skin Healing Ointment, rejuvenates skin tissue, brings down inflammation, NO petroleum ingredients used. Not nasty like cortisone cream used for various skin conditions like sebhorrea, psoriasis, etc.! Really works. I tried it on a little patch of something I had on my skin and it gave instant relief and worked like a charm to heal it, too, so I myself am sold on it.
      — Gabriella, Edmonton

      I have been suffering from eczema for over 30years. I tried everything to cure it, but with weather changes, stress and especially after having first baby, my eczema got worse. At one point I couldn’t do regular house hold work because my hands were cracked and bleeding. The hardest part was I would inadvertently scratch at night so my skin didn’t have time to heal. I was devastated. After using your cream, I am not scratching like before. It stops itchiness immediately. My condition is getting better and I am a more confident mom now.
      — Yuki, Japan (Translated by Yasuko)

      VpR - bio ative vaporizing decongestant rub

      We had the perfect opportunity to try it since my 3 year old has had a nasty cold for almost two weeks now. I’ve never seen so much snot before! Anyways, we took a little bit each night and rubbed it on her neck and chest. Its hard to know if a 3 year old can really tell you if its working or not but she told me it made her feel better. She liked it so much that while my sister was babysitting, she took it out of her drawer and smeared it all over her body (she’ll post about it)! My entire house was overpowered by the smell of peppermint…it was actually quite nice. I totally enjoyed the peppermint smell. I think I actually wanted to smell the smell so I put it on her night after night when she may not have needed it. I also tried it on myself. I didn’t have a cold but I had one of those sinus clearing type moments when I inhaled it. I loved it! We’ll definitely be using this for each sickness in this house (god knows there are many with kids!).
      — Olliebee, Franklin, MA

      I loved the fact your decongestant rub didn’t make a mess on my bed sheets and blankets in the morning, I used to wash sheets almost everyday… As soon as it applied, it absorbed smoothly and didn’t have sticky feel to it. I could have good night sleep. Thank you!
      — Saren, Vancouver

      I always use VpR whenever my 3 years old son starts stuffy nose. Nice blend of essential oils calms him down and he sleeps like a real baby!
      — Veronica, Oakville, ON

      I use VpR for not only for cold, but also for mild shoulder pain and put around side of forehead when I have stress and works great.
      — Natasha, North Vancouver

      Therawise Vaporizing Rub is fantastic. I used it on my 5 year old son was amazing results. I also used it on my 9 month old baby. It provided relief for their nasal and chest congestion without irritating their sensitive skin. It was especially effective at night when my little ones would have trouble breathing because of stuffy noses and the general discomfort it brings. TheraWise Vaporizing Rub helped them to sleep better so I could get a decent night’s sleep. I reccommend it highly!
      — Ria C, Georgia.

      Théra Wise vaporizing decongestant rub has been a welcome addition to my medicine cabinet! I can’t say enough good things about this rub. It actually works, and works really well!
      My husband goes to get this stuff the minute any of us start exhibiting cold symptoms. Both of my kids are just like me when they get sick: everything settles right in their chest, and they end up with an awful sounding cough. The first time we used it on William, we were going on our second sleepless night. I grabbed this rub, applied a dime size amount to his chest, and he slept 100 times better. I had to try this for myself and knew it would be only a matter of time until I came down with my annual bout of bronchitis. I, too, had dramatic results with the rub. I slept well, and my congestion and cough were bare minimum. I could breathe through my nose, and didn’t have to prop my pillow up to avoid a coughing fit.

      Théra Wise has something that other vapor rubs don’t, and that is a pretty decent smell. It smells just like a candy cane! I even sent William to school with it on his chest, and he didn’t smell like my medicine cabinet. It does smell strong, but it’s a good strong and the scent leads you to believe it’s working, because it is. Its consistency is just like a Vaseline base, so a little smoothes a lot. Once applied, it sort of tingles, so give it a minute before you freak out thinking you’re having a reaction to it.
      — BabyLove, Megsmakeup

      Okay, Okay I know I seem to love most of the products I try BUT this one is the best by far because it has allowed everyone in my house to sleep through the night. Most people would say try Benedryl when you’re up two nights in a row with your little ones but now both my husband and I look at each other and say “Time to bust out the Théra-Wise”. This product truly works wonders and by wonders I mean allows your child to sleep and everyone in the house not to start screaming at each other. The smell is not as bad as Vicks is has more of a peppermint scent. It’s not too greasy because you only use a little amount. As always I love it because its all natural. If this product isn’t in your medicine cabinet this flu season you are in big trouble:)
      — Emmasummer, Boston, MA

      Ac+-bio active aCNe ointment

      At 38, I have recently had outbreaks of acne. Ac+ really helped reduce the redness, swelling and pain that would come with a flare-up. Thanks again for your help.
      — Patricia, Ottawa

      Last week I had the worst breakout since 1997! I had pimples all over, and the only thing I could attest it to was stress. I found Thera Wise Ac+ Acne Ointment, I put it on right before I went to bed, and the redness was GONE when I woke up. The pimples were there, but you could barely tell because they weren’t red.
      — Lisa, Boston

      I knew once the weather shifted I might have a few issues. And I did. This stuff worked pretty well for me. It didn’t smell medicine-y at all, was not greasy and didn’t dry my skin out like some acne meds can do. I felt good knowing I could apply it a few times a day and it wasn’t crazy chemicals on my skin. It definitely worked too, just a few days and my skin was back to normal. You also don’t have to use a lot. This tube is really generous and will last me forever. Even if you have some skin problems, and use it frequently, it will last a LONG time. My only gripe is that it didn’t absorb very fast. I had to dab it and rub it in, wait a few minutes and rub it in some more. Because of this, I tended to only use it at night. I don’t have time in the morning to wait for it to soak in! Over all, it’s pretty great and I’m glad I have it.
      — Stacy, MA

      It worked, and I especially like that it did not dry out my skin like the other brands.
      — Louise, Saskatoon

      I have stared using your Ac+ when I feel an acne outbreak. Not only does it stop the acne it is a fantastic moisturizer!
      — Natalie, Montreal QC

      My husband tried the Acne cream on his face. He has rosacea and it cleared it up fast. He is really impressed! I also used it and worked very well! It doesn’t dry out your skin at all.
      — Monica, Guelph ON

      Great product… no burning or drying on my face. I seem to get a lot less acne since using Thera Wise. Thanks!
      — Bianca Hull taken by phone

      My daughter is in Junior High with recurrent acne and consequently her self esteem is low due to her condition. We are a family that is very health conscious about what we eat and put on our bodies, Ac+ is really working for her and I can already see positive changes in her confidence.
      — Mary, Brampton ON 

      I could feel the typical suspects starting on my chin. I wasn’t sure of the product but gave it a try. It worked great. I have pretty sensitive skin, and it’s really dry in the winter. This didn’t dry me out at all or irritate my skin. I also liked the fact that it didn’t smell too chemically like other acne products sometimes can. Took my shower, moisturized, put on my AC+ Acne Ointment and then went about my morning routine before blending again and doing my makeup. The tube is a good size and for someone like me, it will last forever which is great. I absolutely LOVE Thera Wise Decongestant Rub and now their AC+ acne ointment – two for two in my book!
      — Angeline, Fort Lauderdale

      Recently I had a huge zit on my face due to a wonderful thing called hormones! I was scared to put anything on my face with chemicals. I remember the AC+ treatment and knew it was safe! I washed my face,dabbed in the treatment, and applied makeup since I had to work. The makeup went on smooth and you didn’t notice a thing! It took about 48 hours and my zit was gone! I think everyone should go out and get this treatment!
      — Beth, Coquitlam BC

      dpr natural baby diaper ointment

      Finally someone made an ointment that is not greasy and sticky, you diaper ointment is the best we have tried so far. Thank for making our little boy a happier one!
      — Valerie, Toronto ON

      Our family is very health conscious, my husband and I are especially concerned about the types of chemicals that we put on our two boys skin. We use the diaper ointment for our youngest and not only are the ingredients healthy the ointment works like a charm.
      — June, Edmonton AB

      I am now your biggest fan, my 3 month old had a rash that seemed to make her cry constantly. Thera Wise diaper ointment solved our problems within days and gave us more peace and quite in our household. (as much as you can have with a little one!) Thank you thank you thank you!
      — Mikaela, Seattle WA

      As the mom of 2 young children, I have used just about every brand of diaper rash ointment currently available on the market and don’t get me wrong- they’re ok; but when my now 9 month old daughter had a paricularly stubborn case of diaper rash, the only thing that brought relief and complete healing was TheraWise Diaper Ointment. Not only was it effective in treating my baby’s diaper rash, but it didn’t leave my hands all covered in white greasy goop! The fact that it is a natural, plant-based formula made it all the more desirable a product for treating my baby’s sensitive skin.
      — Ria C. Georgia

      My newborn son is my second and I often miss the right timing to change his diaper due to my older son’s busy schedule. This often leads to whats looks like an uncomfortable rash in the diaper area. I applied Thera Wise diaper ointment before my newborn went to bed and in the morning I was amazed. All the the redness was gone!
      — Ivana, Vancouver BC

      My 2years old daughter has very sensitive skin with eczema on her arms and legs. I was very skeptical to choose anything to put on her skin however your diaper ointment has helped so much that I now use it on her eczema which seems to be really helping too. Thank you for the great suggestion.
      — Wendy, Windsor ON

      My daughter used to get irritation in the diaper area. Your diaper ointment has eliminated this completely and now we use it with every change to avoid this problem coming back. Great product.
      — Sue, Delta BC