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      News — body wash

      New Product Spotlight - Natural Bio-Active Body Wash and Shampoo

      New Product Spotlight - Natural Bio-Active Body Wash and Shampoo

      I have for some time wanted to offer our customers a gentle wash product that would compliment our skin healing therapeutic ointments. A body wash and shampoo suitable for babies, kids, adults and seniors to use and love.

      Those with troubled sensitive skin do not have many options when it comes to cleaning products as most contain strong surface acting chemicals (also called surfactants) that are designed to lift dirt and other unwanted materials off the skin surface.

      I am referring mostly to anionic surfactants that are found in laundry detergents, dish soap, shampoos and washes like Sodium Laureth Sulfate and many the ingredients that end in -eth (eg. Ceteareth, Laureth-4, Laureth-23).

      Surfactants in skin cleansers interact with the skin in several manners. In addition to the desired benefit of removing unwanted buildup on the skin, they also can remove the skin-protecting elements like lipids that help maintain a healthy skin barrier and beneficial bacteria needed for healthy immune function of the skin.

      Our new Thera Wise Natural Bio-Active Body Wash and Shampoo is perfect for those looking for a low foaming gentle wash that protects the skin as it cleans.

      I am also excited to mention our newest initiative that includes having most of our Bio-Active ingredients from Canadian sources. Modern Science is just now starting to discover the unique and multi-functional phytochemical properties of plants grown in the harsh Northern climates of North America.  These unique and rare properties that enable these plants to survive and thrive also contain special properties that can protect, rejuvenate and benefit sensitive and delicate skin.

      Key Highlights: 

      • Marine Glacial Clay Water extract from the Pacific North West (Canada) helps to nourish the skin and protect against environmental pollution
      • Canadian Willow Herb Extract help reduce redness and inflammation
      • Canadian Atlantic Seaweed Extract nourishes and protects delicate skin
      • Mild essential oils of Yuzu Citrus and Mimosa Flower delight your senses and impart a luxurious shower sensation
      • Extract from olive oil protects the skin barrier function