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      Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

      Welcome to our knowledge base of frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer you need, write us through “Bio Active Thinking Blog” or send us an email at or by visiting our contact page.


      I have eczema, will SHO Natural Skin Healing Ointment help my condition?
      SHO can be used for skin conditions of an inflammatory nature such as eczema and various forms of dermatitis, rashes, cuts, scrapes and bed sores.

      How often should I use SHO Natural Skin Healing Ointment?
      Often your skin will be the best judge of this, general recommendations are 3-5 times per day however depending on the stage and severity, users may apply as required.

      What is the difference between your HmR Hemorrhoidal compared with others on the market?
      HmR as with other Théra Wise products work by addressing many factors that cause personal health disorders in a balanced, holistic method. Traditionally petroleum based Hemorrhoid ointments act as a lubricant for bowel movements, some contain analgesic and chemical based anti-inflammatory ingredients.

      HmR uses natural plant source ingredients to ease bowel movements, reduce inflammation causing itching and discomfort, regenerate and protect delicate skin tissue, strengthen and protect blood vessels capillaries and veins while promoting healthy circulation to reduce throbbing and other painful sensations. HmR is a natural balanced highly effective approach for the treatment of hemorrhoids and other ano-rectal disorders.

      Is HmR Natural Hemorrhoidal Ointment safe for use during pregnancy?
      Yes, mothers and mothers to be can rest assured that they have made a health Wise choice, free from ingredients associated with human health concerns.

      What is wrong with petroleum based ointments?
      Petroleum based topicals are generally incompatible with human skin. Although they provide excellent barrier properties, they fail to allow the necessary respiration of the skin tissue that is required for healthy functioning and repair. Petroleum as well tends to strip the skin of it’s natural occurring oils that are vital in the protection and balance of skin tissue.

      What is the benefit to using olive fruit derived ingredients in Thera Wise products?
      For centuries, the medicinal benefits of Olive composition have been recognized by the people of the Mediterranean. Olive compounds were used to maintain skin, heal abrasions, and soothe the burning and drying effects of sun and water. As well Olive fatty acids are the most similar and compatible to human sebum which helps to balance and protect the hydro-lipid layer of the skin.

      What makes Ac+ Natural Acne ointment different from all the other brands on the market?
      As opposed to most chemical based Acne treatments (chemical peels, benzoyl peroxide (BP), synthetic salicylic acid) that compromise the integrity of the skins natural defenses, Ac+ uses a methodology that holistically balances the skins ecoflora and activates the macrophage cells that are responsible for the skins immunologic response. Ac+ uses a natural prebiotic active that is a major factor in protecting the skin against the colonization of undesirable pathogenic bacteria. Additionally the bio-active plant extracts reduce inflammation and protect and rejuvenate delicate skin tissue.

      Is VpR Natural Decongestant Rub safe for use with young children?
      Yes, for the ages of 8 months and up.
      It is always best to avoid applying anything to the skin of children under 8 months of age.
      Take care to avoid contact with the eyes and any other mucous membrane.


      How do you ship?
      Canada : Via Canada Post Expedited or other ground carrier: 3 to 7 business days
      US : DHL, USPS or other ground carrier : 3 to 8 business days to continental U.S.A.
      International: Via Canada Post Air Mail.

      Where can I buy Thera Wise products?
      Please click here for Canadian retail listings.
      Alternatively you may purchase online.

      I live in the U.S.A, where can I buy Thera Wise products?
      Amazon.comKroger Ship 
      Please check back frequently as there will be some retails options coming soon.