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      Image of Patti Thompson

      Patti Thompson

      Midwife for 37 years

      As a Registered Midwife of BC, now retired, I have had many experiences with Thera Wise products for my clients, both mothers and babies.
      First of all, it was easy for new parents to buy these ointments, as they are readily available. My first remarkable experience was with a woman in late pregnancy, who had as history of chronic severe hemorrhoids pre pregnancy, who was awaiting surgery post childbirth. As she entered her third trimester, i prescribed HmR Hemorrhoidal Ointment. She was reluctant to try this new product as her hemorrhoids were so large, and she had been led to believe that there was no treatment in late pregnancy that would work. To her great surprise, with HmR ointment they improved dramatically, to the point where she felt she would likely be able to cancel her surgery postpartum! This product proved to be highly reliable for hemorrhoid relief for numerous women.
      The other ointment that has proved equally effective is the DpR Diaper Ointment. It is the go-to ointment for parents who use this to relieve diaper rash.
      Personally, I have also benefited from VpR vaporizing ointment, which I use as a first line treatment when I feel like I am getting a cold, and have found that I sleep well often end up not getting sick. I also like the SHO skin healing ointment, having used it on all kinds of skin challenges like cuts and bites. Even when obviously wound inflammation has developed, it clears up the inflammation and appears to speed healing.
      I highly recommend all these trustworthy ointments by Thera Wise.


      Image of Lori Wolf

      Lori Wolf

      Nurse, South Community Birth Program

      We have been using Thera Wise in our Maternity clinic for years. Women can develop painful hemorrhoids in pregnancy and from giving birth- Thera Wise ointment provides quick relief and I would definitely recommend it.


      Gillian Deacon

      CBC Radio Host and author of There’s Lead In Your Lipstick

      Scrapes and cuts are a daily occurrence in our household of three active boys, so the Thera Wise skin healing ointment is a well-loved staple around here. i’m convinced it speeds up the healing process, and it definitely makes sore spots feel soothed. it got me through the healing after a nasty bout of poison ivy!


      Dr. Michael Schecter

      Dentist, Schecter Dental

      Thera Wise is my toothbrush of choice for children. I have tried a variety of brushes over the years and have found Thera Wise to be the standard the rest of compared to. The soft bristles are just right and the brush had proven tone quite durable. of course the biggest reason to choose Thera Wise is the inherent antimicrobial properties. Imagine a brush that can help to reduce cavities all on its own. This will also lead to a cleaner brush since microbes won’t grow on the brush head. My office has transitioned into Thera Wise and we have not looked back. Thank you for an excellent product.


      Emma Rohmann

      Environmental Engineer & Toxins Expert, Founder of Greent at Home

      I am very picky what I put on my body and my kids'. It can be hard to find first aid type products that don't contain potentially harmful ingredients - so I was very excited when I found Thera Wise. The Natural Skin Healing Ointment (or "feel better cream" as my kids call it) is a staple in our first aid kit. We've used it on scrapes and cuts, burns, insect bites, you name it! And the Vapor Rub works just as well as the conventional products, but without petrochemicals and other fillers. It's been a life-saver for our whole family when we get chest and head colds. I also swear by the Acne Cream for those stubborn pimples - it helps soothe the skin and reduces redness. I love that Thera Wise is a family company and made in Canada too! Thanks for making great products we can trust to keep our family healthy.

      Image of Lisa Borden

      Lisa Borden

      Owner, Borden Communications + A Woman of Many Titles

      Before making any purchase, I try to understand where a product has come from, who made it, what it will be used for, if it’s the best it can be and I want to feel good about it, and support good companies – and good people behind the companies. Thera Wise’s skin care line is not only a valuable line of plant-based formula ointments that are so versatile and effective that they can treat much of anything ( I even use the diaper rash cream on bites and burns and it’s was amazing!), but is backed by a small business – a family – that cares – not just about their good, healthy business, but about our families and kids. Their Vaporizing Rub is a staple in our home – I have used it on my kids’ feet when they were infants to clear their stuffy noses or chests and rub ample on when there is a cold or flu trying to keep our family down. Bonus that it’s non staining of our pjs! My kids take this and their Skin Healing Ointment in their own first aid kits to summer camp and have been able to put it on to help with rashes, itches, cuts and scrapes – while avoiding the more dangerous options available from the camp nurse/doctor. Good companies, doing good business need to stick together and support each other. I am delighted to have Thera Wise’s support and give them all of mine, too.