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      Elle Magazine Elle Magazine

      Natural Resources: Thera Wise is tapping into the green market with its spin on popular healing ointments, such as VpR Natural Bio-Active Vaporizing Rub, HmR Natural Bio-Active Hemorrhoidal Ointment and SHO Natural Skin Healing Ointment.  "Plant-based products have a bio-affinity with our skin, which means they feel and act like a part of us” says founder Warren Brander, who is trained in traditional Chinese Medicine, Plant Medicine and Cosmetic Science. Translation? Your body absorbs ingredients more easily, speeding up repair at a cellular level.

      Today's Parent 
      Today's Parent

      brush up: Perfect for the young brusher who hasn’t learned to spit out toothpaste (or wipe it off the counter when he’s done). Thera Wise antibacterial brush has natural mineral bristles that flight germs and plaque without toothpaste.

      Today's Parent Pregnancy 
      Today's Parent PregnancyEditor’s Pick
      … And Hemorrhoids! Nobody wants to talk about them, but many pregnant women get them. The Canadian company Thera Wise offers HmR Natural Hemorrhoidal Ointment, a plant-based, petrochemical-free formula to reduce itching and inflammation and promote healing.

      Ensemble Vacations
      Ensemble Vacations

      Bite Be Gone: Tired of chemical-laden, smelly bug bite ointments you’d hesitate to use on yourself, much less apply to your children? Canadian company Thera Wise offers an all-natural solution with its SHO Skin Healing Ointment that’s safe for the whole family. Use on bug bites to reduce itching and inflammation, or on sunburned areas. It works quickly to soothe the skin and helps eliminate that tight, painful feeling and peeling that comes with too much sun exposure. Olive Oil, Vitamin A, C and E, Calendula and Chamomile extracts are some of the natural ingredients that go into this wonder cream no savvy traveller should leave home without.

      Style, Naturally by Summer Rayne Oaks 
      Summer Rayne Oaks Style Naturally
      A plant-based skin treatment that soothes and restores your skin while keeping blemishes at bay. 

      Toronto Star

      National Post
      National Post

      Urban Baby & Toddler
      Urban Baby & Toddler

      therawise: Keep baby’s tushie dry and healthy. New from Thera Wise is a natural diaper rash ointment that reduces skin irritation and inflammation while moisturizing and protecting baby’s diaper area.  It is a non-greasy, plant-based and alcohol- free formulation.

      Pharmacy Post
      Pharmacy Post

      A natural rub: For coughs, colds and nasal congestion, Thera Wise offers Natural Vaporizing Decongestant Rub. The rub is formulated with pure botanical extracts, therapeutic nutrients and emollients, including eucalyptus leaf, white pine, peppermint, camphor and white thyme, in a skin-soothing base of arania spinosa, anti-inflammatory and restorative agent. The tube format allows for dispensing directly from the container, avoiding contact with fingers.  

      Vancouver Magazine 

      Vancouver Magazine 

      Rub local brand Thera Wise’s SHO Bio-Active Skin Healing Ointment on any cut or burn.

      Baby GuideBaby GuideFinding Relief: Okay, so no one wants to talk about it. But it’s estimated that one in three women will experience it during pregnancy or after birth. Yes “it” refers to hemorrhoids. For relief from the itching, burning and discomfort should the oh-so-unpleasant “H” develop, try the all-natural, environmentally conscious HmR Natural Hemorrhoidal Ointment from Thera Wise. Made from plant-based ingredients, with no petroleum or paraben preservatives.


      HmR Hemorrhoidal was featured in buy.o.logic (Oprah Winfrey Network) TV Show
      Our HmR Natural Bio-Active Hemorrhoidal Ointment is compared against other hemorrhoidal treatment on Buy O Logic. *To avoid the greasy experience like one of the ladies in this segment, please start with small amount and increase as you need.

      City Line SHO Natural Bio-Active Skin Healing Ointment in Family Day segment in Cityline. 

      Eco Parent Magazine  
      Eco Parent Magazine

      Crystal Animals Anti-bacterial Childrens toothbrushes wowed EcoParent Magazine
      Crystal Animals Kid’s Toothbrush by Thera Wise: Totally cute, the natural mineral bristles of this brush are both antibacterial and produce negative ions that coat the teeth and reduce plaque build-up.
      NO toothpaste needed – Wow!

      Glow Magazine 

      There’s CAMPING, and then there’s glamping
      Here’s what to pack, for your wilderness (ahem, resort) experience.
      Camping Checklist: Thera Wise SHO Natural Skin Healing Ointment, 28g contains skin calming plant extracts to soothe a burn from the sun or the campfire.