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      Innovation, Quality, Comfort, Care for Healthier Teeth and Gums


      The Antibacterial Effect

      The clinically proven antibacterial properties of the natural mineral bristle keep your mouth feeling fresh and clean all day.
      Antibacterial Test Result

      Naturally Antibacterial Technology

      Having a brush that will not accumulate pathogenic bacteria whether kept in a purse or in the bathroom is a valuable assets for any family on the go.

      Natural Innovative Technology for Better Oral Care

      Dental plaque (negatively charged) adheres to the surface of teeth by the action of plus ions from the calcium content in saliva. 

      Direct contact with negative ions in the Thera Wise Toothbrushes that are created when brushing help remove significantly more plaque, tartar, biofilm and food buildup than a conventional toothbrush.

      With the use of Thera Wise negative ion brushes and just a water rinse your teeth will experience that fresh and clean feeling throughout the day like you just visited the dentist.


      Improved Plaque Removal

      The natural mineral bristles produce an ionic coating on the tooth surface to improve plaque removal and eliminate food build up.