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      News — food as medicine

      Food as Medicine

      Food as Medicine

      Is it possible that a solution to many health disorders is so much more simple than the search for a miracle pill or vaccine? Can we use food as a means to overcome our health concerns?

      What if our government was to spend the same kind of money that we currently do on expensive equipment to diagnose disease and put some of that money into preventative education programs with a focus on healthy food choices? We already know that what we eat has a direct correlation to our health as the food we consume becomes part of our cellular makeup. The human body regenerates itself every second of every day. Every day billions of cells in our bodies die and new cells are regenerated. The source of the building blocks for this process comes from the nutrients in the food we eat.

      Fact: We have a whole new stomach lining every 5 days
      Fact: We have new skin covering every 5 weeks
      Fact: Our entire skeleton is regenerated every 3 months
      Fact: We have new blood every 4 months
      Fact: Within a year 98% of the cells in our bodies will have been replaced.

      Would this not indicate that we are able to choose the kind of body we wish to have by making healthy food choices?