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      News — great testimonial



      As a mindfulness practice each day, I like to stop and think about things that I am grateful for. I would sincerely recommend this as a great way to cultivate a positive state of mind or as I hear the term used “abundance thinking”.
      The quote from my fav guru says it all,

      “When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”
      – Lao Tzu

      I often feel grateful for the work that I do, to make healthy, effective environmentally responsible products that really help people is what I have always wanted to do with my life, really I could think of nothing better.  All sounds peachy right? So here is the truth… there are often parts of running a business that isn’t so much fun like paying bills/accounting and the myriad of forms/documents and decisions that need attention.

      One rainy Spring afternoon I found myself particularly consumed with a larger than usual amount of these tasks, looking for a diversion I went to get the mail. Lo and behold we received a handwritten letter from someone that had used our SHO Natural Bio-Active Skin Healing Ointment. It completely made my day, so much so I wrote a letter back with the free sample of the SHO Skin Healing Ointment.

      We often receive emails from customers with praise for our products for which we are extremely appreciative, this one I received back in May I wanted to share.

      “Dear Sir/Madam

      From an article in the Toronto Star, I obtained SHO Skin Healing               Ointment - Thera Wise.
      I have never found as good a cream in 90+ years or trying.
      This was a gift and I would appreciate knowing where I can purchase
      more in Markham Ontario.

      Congrats and Thanks.