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      Reasons We Love Daikon Seed Oil

      Reasons We Love Daikon Seed Oil

      Daikon Seed Oil is our new fav emollient for our Thera Wise Natural Vegan Lip Balms.

      For those unfamiliar, daikon is a large white radish consumed mostly in Asian style foods. Turns out that Daikon seed oil has some really unique and valuable skincare properties.

      Here is what we like about the Daikon Seed Oil we use in our Thera Wise Vegan Lip Balms; 

      – Grown in North America without pesticides or herbicides –  grown by a farmer cooperative in Oregon State – cool right?

       Provides non-greasy glide for that luxurious lip feel. Absorbs very quickly and locks in long-lasting moisturizing properties leaving lips feeling velvety soft all day (no need for silicones or other less desirable skincare additives).

       Gives lips that luxurious and plump fresh look as Daikon Radish Seed Oil has the capacity to reach lower skin layers deeply moisturizing from the inside out.

       Protects, moisturizes and rejuvenates naturally.