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      Ingredients of Concern

      Ingredients of Concern

      DEA (diethanolamine), MEA (Monoethanolamine) & TEA (triethanolamine)

      These three ingredients are commonly found today in our personal care products.
      TEA, DEA, and MEA are amino alcohols used in personal care as emulsifiers, thickeners, wetting agents, detergents, and alkalizing agents (pH adjusters).
      Often they are used in combination with fatty acids to convert acid to salt (sterate).

      Stearate can form the base a cleanser. Monoethanolamine is produced by reacting ethylene oxide with aqueous ammonia, the reaction also produces diethanolamine and triethanolamine. In my previous post, I discussed the ethoxylation process using the known toxic carcinogen ethylene oxide.

      It is my understanding that monoethanolamine, diethanolamine, and triethanolamine already have limitations for use in personal care in many European countries due to an increase in the incidence of liver and kidney cancer.  Best to avoid wherever possible.