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      Nice little brush. 14 month old loves it and points to use it
      — Melissa, Guelph

      We've tried them all but this brush is soft and comfortable to use, great on the go too
      — Annie, Vancouver

      So cute! This is the only toothbrush my 2yrs old daughter is willing to use.
      — Lin, Richmond

      Great to know that this brush will do the job without toothpaste. I have been very concerned about ingredients in toothpaste and often my kids are using toothpaste and eating some of it.
      — Julie, Quebec

      Brilliant idea, I don’t worry about bacterial contamination now when leaving of our kids brushes  in the bathroom now.
      — Sarah at tradeshow

      I like the head size it does not cause pain in the back molars when brushing like other kids brushes do.
      — Dawn – Florida

      My son has autism and strongly dislike the taste texture of toothpaste...we have tried them all.  This brush with it’s ability to work wth just water solves a big problem for our family.
      — Jennifer - Montana