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      It worked, and I especially like that it did not dry out my skin like the other brands.
      Louise, Saskatoon

      I have stared using your Thera Wise Natural Acne Ointment when I feel an acne outbreak. Not only does it stop the acne it is a fantastic moisturizer!
      Natalie, Montreal QC

      My husband tried the Acne cream on his face. He has rosacea and it cleared it up fast. He is really impressed! I also used it and worked very well! It doesn’t dry out your skin at all.
      Monica, Guelph ON

      Great product… no burning or drying on my face. I seem to get a lot less acne since using Thera Wise. Thanks!
      Bianca Hull taken by phone

      My daughter is in Junior High with recurrent acne and consequently her self esteem is low due to her condition. We are a family that is very health conscious about what we eat and put on our bodies, Thera Wise Natural Acne is really working for her and I can already see positive changes in her confidence.
      Mary, Brampton ON

      At 38, I have recently had outbreaks of acne. Thera Wise Natural Acne really helped reduce the redness, swelling and pain that would come with a flare-up. Thanks again for your help.
      Patricia, Ottawa

      Last week I had the worst breakout since 1997! I had pimples all over, and the only thing I could attest it to was stress. I found Thera Wise Natural Acne Ointment, I put it on right before I went to bed, and the redness was GONE when I woke up. The pimples were there, but you could barely tell because they weren’t red.
      Lisa, Boston

      I knew once the weather shifted I might have a few issues. And I did. This stuff worked pretty well for me. It didn’t smell medicine-y at all, was not greasy and didn’t dry my skin out like some acne meds can do. I felt good knowing I could apply it a few times a day and it wasn’t crazy chemicals on my skin. It definitely worked too, just a few days and my skin was back to normal. You also don’t have to use a lot. This tube is really generous and will last me forever. Even if you have some skin problems, and use it frequently, it will last a LONG time. My only gripe is that it didn’t absorb very fast. I had to dab it and rub it in, wait a few minutes and rub it in some more. Because of this, I tended to only use it at night. I don’t have time in the morning to wait for it to soak in! Over all, it’s pretty great and I’m glad I have it.
      Stacy, MA

      I could feel the typical suspects starting on my chin. I wasn’t sure of the product but gave it a try. It worked great. I have pretty sensitive skin, and it’s really dry in the winter. This didn’t dry me out at all or irritate my skin. I also liked the fact that it didn’t smell too chemically like other acne products sometimes can. Took my shower, moisturized, put on my Thera Wise Natural Acne Ointment and then went about my morning routine before blending again and doing my makeup. The tube is a good size and for someone like me, it will last forever which is great. I absolutely LOVE Thera Wise Decongestant Rub and now their AC+ acne ointment – two for two in my book!
      Angeline, Fort Lauderdale

      Recently I had a huge zit on my face due to a wonderful thing called hormones! I was scared to put anything on my face with chemicals. I remember the Natural Acne Ointment treatment and knew it was safe! I washed my face,dabbed in the treatment, and applied makeup since I had to work. The makeup went on smooth and you didn’t notice a thing! It took about 48 hours and my zit was gone! I think everyone should go out and get this treatment!
      Beth, Coquitlam BC