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      As the mom of 2 young children, I have used just about every brand of diaper rash ointment currently available on the market and don’t get me wrong- they’re ok; but when my now 9 month old daughter had a particularly stubborn case of diaper rash, the only thing that brought relief and complete healing was Thera Wise Natural Diaper Ointment. Not only was it effective in treating my baby’s diaper rash, but it didn’t leave my hands all covered in white greasy goop! The fact that it is a natural, plant-based formula made it all the more desirable a product for treating my baby’s sensitive skin.
      Ria C. Georgia

      My newborn son is my second and I often miss the right timing to change his diaper due to my older son’s busy schedule. This often leads to whats looks like an uncomfortable rash in the diaper area. I applied Thera Wise diaper ointment before my newborn went to bed and in the morning I was amazed. All the the redness was gone!
      Ivana, Vancouver BC

      My 2years old daughter has very sensitive skin with eczema on her arms and legs. I was very skeptical to choose anything to put on her skin however your diaper ointment has helped so much that I now use it on her eczema which seems to be really helping too. Thank you for the great suggestion.
      Wendy, Windsor ON

      My daughter used to get irritation in the diaper area. Your diaper ointment has eliminated this completely and now we use it with every change to avoid this problem coming back. Great product.
      Sue, Delta BC

      Finally someone made an ointment that is not greasy and sticky, you diaper ointment is the best we have tried so far. Thank for making our little boy a happier one!
      Valerie, Toronto ON

      Our family is very health conscious, my husband and I are especially concerned about the types of chemicals that we put on our two boys skin. We use the diaper ointment for our youngest and not only are the ingredients healthy the ointment works like a charm.
      June, Edmonton AB

      I am now your biggest fan, my 3 month old had a rash that seemed to make her cry constantly. Thera Wise natural diaper ointment solved our problems within days and gave us more peace and quite in our household. (as much as you can have with a little one!) Thank you thank you thank you!
      Mikaela, Seattle WA